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Liam Bauckman


Liam Bauckham is the cofounder of video marketing agency Clear as Day Productions, whose clients have included BBC, Calvin Klein and Pfizer.

The team was also behind an inspirational video with swimmer Tom Dean – the double-Olympic gold medallist.

Liam grew up in Somerset and has lived and worked in several cities across the UK. He has attended Round Table events around the country and enjoyed a warm welcome each time. He finds Round Table helps him to forge friendships wherever he goes. 

Liam said: “As someone put it to me, the Round Table is made up of the best mates that you never knew you had.”

In May 2020, Liam became the Communications Officer for the Round Table of Great Britain and Ireland. He said: “I put my name forward to become national communications officer because I saw an opportunity to help bring change to the Round Table and make improvements.”

Today he lives in Hertfordshire with his partner, Jess, and a Romanian rescue-dog, called Nala.

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