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Jack Ramsden


British Bouldering Champion Jack Ramsden competed internationally for over four years. He was selected for the junior team at the age of 13 and went on to rank 11th in Europe in 2015.

Today the 21-year-old from Derbyshire is inspiring the next generation of would-be climbers and adventurers. He takes young people out on treks, water paddling, climbing and bike sessions in the beautiful setting of the Lake District.

Jack left Buxton and Leek College with a triple distinction for BTEC Outdoor Sport level 3. He has gone on to lead sessions of archery, survival, canoeing, to name a few. He said: “I find it really cool when someone achieves something they thought they couldn’t do.”

The outdoor and climbing instructor at Newlands Adventure Centre & Keswick Climbing Wall works with young people aged eight to 18, families and corporate teams.

Jack, who has been interviewed by Red Bull, continues to challenge himself and encourage others to try new things. He has set himself the task of ‘climbing all around the world’.

He joined the Round Table when he moved to Keswick in 2019. He said: “It’s a chance to develop yourself, make new friends, and do something good.”

Jack in action video:

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