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Tabler & World Dodgeball Champion

Lutterworth & District Round Table 613 member Simon Jones to compete in the Dodgeball World Cup in Madison Square Garden, NYC in August.

Simon has enjoyed table since he was inducted in 2013 taking on such roles as Membership Officer, Chairman and more recently he has been appointed as Community Officer of Area 45.  Simon also plays for the England International Dodgeball Team.

For those that aren't familiar with the game,  Dodgeball consists of 6 players on each team who play on a court roughly the size of a tennis court with a line down the middle that separates the two teams.  The game is played with five balls, which start on the central line then when the referee blows the whistle the players will race for the balls. Once the balls are in play the aim of the game is to eliminate your opponents by throwing the ball at them and hitting them or catching a ball being thrown at you. The game lasts for half an hour and you play for three minutes at a time or until you eliminate all your opponents (whichever comes first) whoever has the more players on will score two points for each set.

Dodgeball Team L.jpg


The World Dodgeball Association works across 6 continents with 62 national federations delivering to over 70 million people worldwide. In 2017 Dodgeball received Olympic recognition, meaning one day it may be considered for the Olympics.

The sport is currently completely self funded and Simon needs to raise nearly £1,500 for the trip which includes things such as flights, accommodation, nutrition, training, kit and so on. Leicestershire & Area 45 both recently enjoyed Dodgeball tournaments ran by Simon and helped him raise money for just £5 per person.

If you would like Simon to run a Dodgeball tournament for your Table and help him with his expedition to NYC then please call or text him on 07543 659133.

Simon Jones said: “I’ve been playing Dodgeball for 8 years now, my club Meteors recently won the Premier League and are looking to defend the UK National Championship title. I train twice a week and go gym three times a week, competing on most weekends. Then I train once a month with the England team."

"I’m pumped for the World Cup and look forward to defending England’s title on the worlds greatest stage, Madison Square Garden!”

Good luck Simon from all of us at Round Table.


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